Stay Cool Don’t Vent

You need to stay cool and be relaxed, calm and peaceful. You just can’t do it when it’s real hot, you’re sweating and all flustered. AC to the rescue! But here’s the thing to ponder over: To vent or not to vent, is that even a question?

I’m writing this because I love summer, enjoy the sun and the warmth but I’m not so happy trying to sleep when it’s so hot and I’m drenched in perspiration. I love the cool breeze an AC sends out but because I couldn’t afford to install a big system or even a mini-split, I opted for a portable air conditioner.

No Hose, No Blows

cool air
Cool Air

All fine in hotland you might say and yeah, I guess it is. It’s cool. Only thing is I hated that I had to hang that ugly plastic hose out my window, so I got a window kit.

But I still have that hose looking at me and sneering, “I know I’m ugly but I’m here, I’m in your face and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

So I live with it, put up with it and just get on with enjoying being cool indoors.

But then I heard about an alternative kind of cooler that is vent-free.

It’s a truly ventless air cooler that’s moveable and it still works without needing the window kit or even a hose. Read about the high powered versions here: here: and never look back!

Evaporative Coolness

It’s a great, low cost, low energy hogging alternative to the room refrigeration monster with the big ugly tail. No exhaust means no hose needed to vent hot air out a window, because there’s no hot air! Just a cooled breeze that feels natural and kinda nice.

These coolers work simply by evaporating moisture and blowing the chilled air into the room with a fan. They use about 100-200 watts of electricity and that’s a massive saving over the kilowatt or two a small portable AC uses to do the same job.

I’m getting me one as soon as possible and then we’ll see how great it works. I hear you can just wheel these units from room to room and all you need to do is unplug the power supply and then plug it in where you decide to take it next. How amazing is that?

Oh yeah. Time to chill. No more pointless hose to stare and me with that sneering, blank look that I hate. Yeah, we’ll see who is still smiling you ugly hose… and how smug you’re feeling when I put you out with the trash!