Stay Cool with Portable Room Air Conditioning

People who enjoy being comfortable in their homes can read this and learn about keeping cool when the weather is hot with portable air conditioning.

There nothing quite like coming home in the heat of a steamingly hot summer’s day, walking into the house and being greeted by a blast of cool air as you go through the front door. Being able to sit in comfort with an air temperature regulated to a more civilized level is one of life’s essentials when you live in a hot climate, or at least an area that has very hot summers.

The traditional way to beat the heat is to instal whole house air conditioning, which is very nice as you can walk from room to room in that same regulated temperature which defies the outside atmosphere’s attempts to make you sweat. However, in many cases, this kind of solution can be not only expensive to install and run, but it is also hugely wasteful of power.

A better solution, especially for people who live alone or where there are only two of you living together is to opt for a portable air conditioner unit that can be moved around from room to room as you occupy them. Lets look at their advantages and why you would choose this option over any other.

Portable Air Conditioner Units Advantages

The main advantages of portable air conditioner units over the more conventional fixed room air conditioners or whole house air conditioning systems is that you not only have the benefit of portability, but you also save money by only needing the one air conditioning unit to serve several rooms in your home.

If you were to fit fixed air conditioning units in each room, the cost would be considerable and of course you would be tempted to leave units running in rooms that were not occupied “In readiness” for when they would be later. Often it happens that a room air conditioner will run for several hours keeping the air cool for the cockroaches until a human comes along and switches it off after deciding that no one will use the room after all.

Nice for cockroaches, but murder for humans when they get the next electricity utility bill!

On the other hand, single room portable air conditioners cut out that last problem completely, which is tough luck for the cockroaches. The unit is only switched on in the room you are occupying such as the living room while you are watching TV.

When you decide to go to another room, say to the bedroom to sleep, you simply wheel the portable air conditioning unit with you and withing minutes, your bedroom is cooled to a comfortable temperature and you can sleep in comfort while the unit controls the room’s temperature via its built-in thermostat.

Another advantage is the portable air conditioner units do not need to be permanently fixed to an outside wall, but can vent through any open space such as a window or door to the outside. You can find out more about them by visiting this great site:

The Power Savings of Portable Room Air Conditioner Units

As already stated earlier, with a portable room air conditioner unit you do not have the problem associated with whole house air conditioning or fixed units in every room that can be left on even when no human is in there or is even likely to occupy it anytime that day. That scenario is extremely costly in terms of power consumption and wastage.

What’s more that wasted power has to be paid for not just by the homeowner when they get the quarterly electricity utility bill, but also by the environment. That’s because polluting fuels are needed to generate the electricity that those hapless homeowners are wasting.

Surely it would be more sensible to only cool the room or rooms that humans are actually occupying. Even for small families, the purchase of two or three portable room air conditioner units is cheaper than having dedicated units installed in every room in the house and you have more control over the amount of power that is being used by there being far fewer units that can be switched on at any one time.

This saves power, saves money and saves the wastage that helps to wreck the environment. Common sense can be a pretty wonderful thing when its used properly!


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